The Beer Bucket List

50 Beers to Try Before You Die, A New Pick Emailed Every Monday

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Guest Beer Writers for the Beer Bucket List

Stan Hieronymus 

Stan Hieronymus is one of America’s leading writers on beer and brewing. He has authored or contributed to more than ten books, including the successful 2005 release of Brew Like a Monk. His work appears regularly in many periodicals, including All About Beer magazine, DRAFT and Imbibe. Hieronymus is the editor of and blogs at

Ashley Routson Ashley Routson “The Beer Wench” 

Known to most as The Beer Wench, Ashley is a self-proclaimed craft beer evangelist and social media puppeteer on a mission to advance the craft beer industry through education, inspiration and advocation. When she is not preoccupied with the craft beer revolution or her addiction to the Internet, Ashley seeks pleasure from food (whether it be cooking or restauranteuring), artisan spirits, boutique wines, fine cigars, anything water related (especially sailboats), and college football (she bleeds Scarlet and Gray for The Ohio State University). You can find her musings at Drink With The Wench.

Jeff Alworth Jeff Alworth 

Jeff Alworth has been writing about the beer of the Pacific Northwest for over a decade and currently blogs at Beervana.

Joshua Bernstein Joshua M. Bernstein 

Joshua M. Bernstein is a Brooklyn-based beer, spirits, food, travel and bicycling journalist, as well as an occasional tour guide. Over the last decade, he’s written for numerous newspapers, magazines and websites, including Saveur, New York, Time Out New York, Details,, New York Post, Edible Manhattan, New York Daily News, Wired, The New York Times and Imbibe, where he is a contributing editor. He is the author of Brewed Awakening and The Complete Beer Course. You can connect with Joshua on his blog and on twitter.

Marty Nachel Marty Nachel 

Marty has been shadowing the craft brewing industry almost since its inception back in the mid-1980′s. A homebrewer and Certified Beer Judge since ’86, Nachel later went on to write “Beer for Dummies” and “Homebrewing for Dummies“. He has judged beer at the World Beer Championships in Chicago, the Samuel Adams LongShot finals in Boston and he recently returned from judging at the Great American Beer Festival in Denver.

Peter Kennedy Peter Kennedy 

Peter Kennedy has been on a mission for over a decade trying and sampling as many beers as possible as well as brewing as many different beers as he can imagine. Over the Last several years this has culminated into creating Simply Beer where Peter show cases beer-pinions and adventures, podcasts, recipes, and homebrewing.

Peter has also recently created an extremely popular and unique Homebrewing competition, Iron Brewer, where homebrewers are required to include 3 unique ingredients while crafting a delicious homebrew!

Josh Dion Josh Dion 

Josh (A.K.A. “Lost”) authors the blog “Lost in the Beer Aisle“. The website focuses on discussing beer in an un-intimidating way: no overkill on beer-lingo, no judging for what kind of beer you drink, what your drink it out of, etc. The motto at LIBA is “never take beer or life too seriously!”

Anne Fitten Glenn Anne Fitten Glenn 

Beer columnist and brewgasm seeker Glenn loves to talk about, write about, and, of course, drink beer. In fact, her kids think the only place you can buy French fries is at a bar. Glenn writes a regional “Brews News” column for Beer City, USA’s newsweekly (that’s Asheville, N.C., y’all). She banters about beer regularly on the radio and to whoever else will listen. Learn all about her brewgasms, which she defines as “intense shudders of delight imparted by the taste of great beer,” at

Beer Chicks The Beer Chicks 

The Beer Chicks are renowned beer sommeliers Christina Perozzi and HalIie Beaune. They met while working together at the craft beer mecca Father’s Office in Santa Monica, CA and became fast friends over their love of craft beer. After a long night of bartending and answering the same questions over and over again, they decided (over beers, of course) to write a book, that explained beer in an accessible way, so that everyone could love craft beer as much as they do.