Rare Beer Club Review

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Michael Jackson’s Rare Beer Club is a unique beer of the month club. It focuses on more extreme craft beers from all over the world. Instead of the typical 12 pack of 12 oz. bottles you get in most beer club memberships, in this club you get two 750ml bottles. I’m a member of the Rare Beer Club and highly recommend it.

Here’s more info:


  • Two 750ml bottles per month: $31.95 per month plus $13 shipping and handling
  • Four 750ml bottles per month: $51.95 per month plus $15 shipping and handling
  • Six 750ml bottles per month: $68.95 per month plus $18 shipping and handling

What you get:
Two different beers, each a different style. They are delivered between the 20th-27th of every month in well-packed boxes made especially for holding 750ml bottles. The package also comes with a paper description for each beer. They are double sided include the beer and brewery description, stories related to the beer’s background, proper glassware and serving temperature, and food pairing ideas.

My Thoughts:

Having tested a bunch of beer of the month clubs, the rare beer club is my favorite and the only one I’ve stayed subscribed to after the testing period ended. For me to spend the extra money, a beer of the month club has to provide additional value compared to what I can get at the local beer store.

The other 12-pack clubs did not provide that. They were too expensive and the quality of beer did not justify the price. I could obtain better beer locally for much cheaper.

The Rare Beer Club is different because I could not normally get most of these beers. Many of them are from breweries I would have never even heard of if it wasn’t for the Rare Beer Club. Not only is the beer excellent, but I’m now aware of these breweries and will keep them on my radar for more good stuff down the line.

Let’s talk price, since that was the biggest barrier to me staying a member. $45 is not cheap for two bottles of beer. For a Bud drinker it is unheard of, but even fore myself it’s more than I usually pay for two bottles. It’s not crazy though.

One of my favorite breweries, Odell, sells 750’s locally for $20-$25. I know the beer is top notch, so I buy it. Not all of the Rare Beer Club selections are top notch, but they are rarely less than very good and if you consider that 750’s often sell for around $20, then the $45 becomes easier to justify. Factor in shipping, the well-written newsletters that come with the package, and the chance to taste beers normally unattainable, and it becomes very easy to justify $45/month.

Of course $45 is still $45, so you might want to test it out for a couple months rather than paying for a longer term plan right off the bat. Personally, I have cut back on my local beer purchases to make room for this club.

If the quality of the beer ever declines or I start getting mass-distributed beers that I can easily get locally, then I will drop the club. For now though, I’m a happy member and look forward to getting these boxes from the UPS man every month.

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