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Hi, I’m Billy, and you’re probably visiting this blog because you’ve caught the bug – the good beer bug.

To make sure you’re in the right place, see if these statements describe your attitude toward beer:

  • You’re looking for more variety than the yellow fizzy beer typically found during a game of beer pong
  • Your taste buds have found the prize they’ve been looking for in craft beer and they’re thirsty for more
  • You look at beer in a whole different light than most people

Sound like you? Good.  And welcome to the club.

(Want to like beer but haven’t yet acquired the taste? You’ll want to start with my guide on how to like beer)

These are great times to be a lover of quality beer.  Each day more and more smart people (like you) are trading up from the watery yellow fizzy stuff they had been drinking to what is commonly known as craft beer.

If you’re like me, you want to know everything about craft beer.  I’m still learning myself and want to take you along for the ride.  BillyBrew is where you can learn and share about craft beer and its wonderful companion hobby - homebrewing.

One golden-rule though:  We’re gonna keep it laid back. After all, beer is fun.  No looking down our noses at people or making newbies feel unwelcome.  We’re beer geeks, not beer snobs.

Here is what I promise you from BillyBrew. I will:

  • Share all that I learn through useful articles and videos
  • Give you a community to engage with like-minded people
  • Teach you about the exciting hobby of homebrewing


Here are  2  facts you need to know about making your own beer:

1. Better knowledge is the key to making better beer

2. Anyone can make great beer and it’s easier than you think

Homebrewing is a fantastically rewarding hobby.  Unfortunately, a lot of the resources you find online are shoddy, unorganized, and inaccurate.  Don’t let bad information steer you wrong.

I’ll give you tips and techniques for making your own beer that have proven to work for me in the past.  And if you have your own advice to contribute, definitely speak up.  There’s no one way to brew and the more people who add to the conversation the more we all benefit.

Homebrewers are a passionate group and love to help out.  Ask me anything and I’ll do my best to answer your question.

I even created an online training course for brewing your first beer called The Homebrew Academy.

About Me

Homebrewing on my all-grain system

My name is Billy Broas and I live in Denver, Colorado.  I started out like many a beer drinker – swallowing anything that ended in “Light” and avoiding those “dark beers” like Guinness.  Who bought that stuff anyways? Ah young Billy boy….

Thankfully, I had far wiser friends that introduced me to craft beer before I was beyond saving.  My eyes were opened to the great world of beer and I realized that I had been drinking but one (very poor) style out of over 100 styles.  Beer became something I drank because I loved the flavor, diversity, and culture behind it.  I was happy and content.  Soon thereafter I discovered homebrewing which transformed me into a full-fledged beer geek.

As much as I love drinking and brewing, I’m equally passionate about teaching people about good beer.  There is nothing like the moment when something clicks inside someone and they say “This is beer?!”

So that is why I’ve created this blog – to share my passion and hopefully get a few people to broaden their beer horizons.

If you’ve read this far and for some strange reason want to keep reading about me, here are some other personal facts.  You know, just in case you thought all I did was brew and drink beer all day.

  • Born in New Jersey, raised in Virginia
  • James Madison University Alumnus
  • Book worm
  • Former baseball player, aspiring softball player

Contact Me:

Email:  broaswp (at)

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Twitter: @BillyBroas